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    The Start

    Being brought up on Blink-182 and skateboarding was a blast.  It gave me an incredible sense of freedom.  Also gave life a purpose.  Landing my first pop shove-it was one of the greatest feelings in the world. Skating late into the night under street lights, set the stage for some of my best memories with some of my best friends.  It was growing up.  Falling, learning and growing.  It didn't take long to fall in love with skating, as anyone who has discovered it will tell you, wether your carving pavement on a long board, or sliding down your first hand rail.  The feeling it gives us is the same.  I grew up on that, chasing the next trick, jumping the next set.  This brand has come from that.  It is something I stand behind, and something i'm proud to produce.


    Join us on our journey to bringing you a brand you can be proud of too, 


    Dead Slow,

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